Ministry Services are committed to create a warm and enriching, meaningful experience
between a man and a woman as you pledge your lives to one another. It is our promise to
serve and support as you begin the journey toward your union.

Our Experience

In 1986, Erick Schultz graduated Bible School and has since served in ministry. In 1991, Erick was ordained as a pastor and Bible teacher. As a pastor, performing weddings has always been an enriching and rewarding experience. Today, Erick serves as residing minister of Frangipani’s and offers his services to the community.


Officiant Service Includes:

  • We offer a non-denominational Christian wedding ceremony Or Civil ceremony customized to your preferences.
  • We assist in the customization of your ceremony such as: unity candles, kneelers, family involvement, music.
  • We offer commitment vows, but welcome your own personalized vows if you prefer.
  • We will be available, upon request to attend the wedding rehearsal.




We look forward to taking part in the creation of the most memorable event of your lifetime.
It would be a pleasure to serve you on your most meaningful occasion.